Previous International Trips

Though my first entry here is about Bangkok, it wasn’t my first time out of the Philippines. Thailand is the third country I’ve been to.

The first time I went out of the country, we went to Hong Kong to visit Disneyland. This was last February 2011. I was with my mom, my aunt, my cousin and my uncle. Growing up, I really thought that going to Disneyland was just a far away dream so being able to set foot in HK Disneyland was a life dream come true. ❤

There were so many sights to see and rides to go to!! The child in me just flailed all over Disneyland because of extreme happiness. To top it all off, there was a fireworks display with the Disney Castle as its foreground. I cannot even begin to explain all of the feelings that I had while we were there. HAHA.

Of course, we didn’t spend three days in Disneyland. 😀 We went to Tung Chung, a really huge mall full of outlet stores and did some shopping.

Probably the reason why my favorite airport is HKIA (you know, despite Changi Airport being rated higher) is because it is the first airport I’ve seen outside the Philippines. You know how the first one will always be memorable? Yeah. Haha.

In October of the same year (which happened to be the year that I turn 18), we also went to Singapore as my debut present. On our first night, we walked along Orchard Road and went around malls. The next day, we took Singapore’s MRT and the Sentosa Train to Universal Studios.

Don’t get me wrong, Universal Studios was fun but for me, it lacks the magic that Disney has. Still, it was tons of fun. 😀

For dinner, we met up with some of my mom’s friends who live in Singapore.

They toured us around Singapore. We went to Marina Bay and of course, The Merlion.

For my birthday last year (2012), we went back to Hong Kong. This time, however, we stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui. We visited The Peak, The Avenue of the Stars, and Ocean Park.

The Sky Terrace at The Peak offers a view of Hong Kong Island

Avenue of the Stars

Ocean Park

At night, we walked along Nathan Road and went shopping. Hong Kong is also known for being a shopping heaven. Not only does it boast cheap (cheaper, compared to Philippine) prices, it also has a bustling night market. Much similar to our own Divisoria. However, since it was only my mom and I, we chose not to go to the night market. We contented ourselves with going from mall to mall along Nathan Road.

My favorite thing about this HK trip was that never did we ride a taxi! We survived by riding the MTR (HK’s train system) or by walking! Hong Kong is such a tourist friendly country and as of now, it’s my favorite place to visit.

And this pretty much sums up all my international escapades before Bangkok. 🙂

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